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Voting instructions to elect short term Board Member Schools for the period 2023-2027


Applicant Schools:


  • The International School of Bergen

  • International School Telemark

  • The International School of Hellerup

  • Futuraskolan International Kottla


1.   Member schools who wish to vote must vote for two (2) separate schools applying for  short term Board membership.


2.   Member schools who vote for only one applicant school, or vote twice for the same applicant school will have their vote declared null and void.


3.   Votes can only be cast by the Head of the Member school, or their official Nordic Network representative.


4.   A short term Board Member applicant school can vote for itself,  in addition, however, it must also vote for a second applicant school.


5.   Permanent members of the Nordic Network Board do not have voting rights in this election.


7.   Voting will be open on the Nordic Network website from 10:00 on Monday the 6th of February until 16:00 on Friday the 10th of February 2023. Votes will not be received after the closing time on the 10th of February.


6.   In the event of a draw, a ballot to determine the school (s) to be offered a short term place on the Nordic Network Board will be conducted at the AGM in Riga on the 9th of March at 09:00.

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