Sports Opportunities

The Nordic Network brings together students through its annual sports tournament. Over 300 student participants from founder member and associate schools are taking part in football, basketball, floor hockey and athletics competitions

Competitive Opportunities for students



  • To provide opportunities for students to participate in regional/country sports leagues/associations directly linked to Nordic Network International Schools

  • To support and encourage all schools to provide competitive opportunities at for member schools of their region

  • To increase competitive activity/student interaction in 2021

  • To share information, news, highlights and results amongst member schools via the Nordic Network website


       Nordic Network Regional Sports opportunities:


  • Norwegian International schools Sports League (NISL) – (Oslo International School, International School Telemark, Skagerak International School, Haugesund International School, Manglerud International School, Tromsø International School, A+ World Academy Sørland)



  • Danish International Schools Sports League (DISNAC) – (Copenhagen International School, Aarhus Academy for Global Education, Esbjerg International School, Ranum Efterskole, International School Billund, International School Hellerup, Rygaards International School, North Zealand International School, Odense International School, Gdansk International School)


  • Swedish International Schools Sport League (SISL) – (Stockholm International School, International School Gothenburg Region, Bladins International School, International School Stockholm Region, Futura International School Stockholm, Futura International Kottla, Futura International Bergtorp, International school of Helsinki)



      Other Nordic Network competitive opportunities

  • Stockholm International School – SISMUN: Model United Nations Conference Contact:

  • Copenhagen International School – CIMUN: Model United Nations Conference