The Nordic Network is a collaborative network that serves international schools in the Nordic and Baltic regions.
The network seeks to enhance communication and collaboration between its participants to improve student learning through best practices in international education.


In 1996 several teachers and leaders at Oslo International School felt that there was a need for an organisation to bring together the English speaking international schools located in the Nordic Region to network and share ideas and visions. An initial meeting and conference for international schools interested in this idea was held at Oslo International School.

The 1997 meeting and conference attracted about 70 participants and a handful of volunteer presenters. In addition to Oslo International School, schools represented included Copenhagen International School, Stockholm International School, Bladins International School, Malmö and Kulosaari Primary School in Helsinki.

It was agreed by school leaders present at the 1997 meeting and conference that there was a need for a network to be established for international schools and the Nordic Network of English Speaking Schools was born. The name of the organisation was later changed to the Nordic Network of International Schools.

The International School of the Gothenburg Region joined the Nordic Network as a Founder Member School in 1998 and the International School of Helsinki joined in 2002 making six Founder Member Schools:

  • Bladins International School, Malmö, Sweden

  • Copenhagen International School, Denmark

  • Oslo International School, Norway

  • Stockholm International School, Sweden

  • The International School of the Gothenburg Region, Sweden

  • The International School of Helsinki, Finland

 In addition to the Founder Member Schools, the Nordic Network has the following Member Schools:


  • Aarhus Academy for Global Education, Denmark

  • Esbjerg International School, Denmark

  • Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm, Sweden

  • Ranum Efterskole, Denmark

  • Skagerak International School, Sandefjord, Norway

  • Sørlandet A+ Academy, Kristiansand, Norway

  • The International School of Billund, Denmark

  • The International School, Telemark, Norway

  • International School of Hellerup, Denmark

  • Tromsø International School

  • International Schools the Stockholm region

  • Rygaards International School, Denmark

  • Futura International Kottla, Sweden

  • NGG International, Denmark

  • International School of Gdansk

  • Manglerud International Classes

  • Haugesund International School

  • Odense International School


The Nordic Network extended in 2008 its membership area to include schools from the Baltic States.  In 2011, The International School of Gdansk became the first school from the Baltic States to join the Nordic Network.

​​​With the exception of 1998, annual teacher conferences have been held each year by the Founder Member Schools on a rotation basis. The Annual Conferences often attract over 200 participants and feature professional presenters, keynote speakers and teacher and school staff presenters.  The first Leadership Conference was hosted by Copenhagen International School in 2005.  Subsequent Leadership Conferences have been held in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.

In addition to providing a network for teachers and school leaders, the Nordic Network brings together students through its annual sports tournament. The first sports tournament was initiated by Stockholm International School in 2003. This was an immediate success with students, parents and coaches. The Sports Tournament attracts over 300 student participants and sports include football, basketball, floor hockey and athletics.