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MUN conference SISMUN 2025

Dear MUN directors and advisors, 

On behalf of Stockholm International School, we would like to invite you to our approaching MUN conference SISMUN 2025 (Stockholm International School 2025), which will be held, from Jan 31st to Feb 2nd, 2025, in our new venue, Norra Latin.


The SISMUN conference aims to provide a productive environment for students to debate global issues, develop diplomatic skills and understand international relations. SISMUN will offer an invaluable education experience and an opportunity to connect with fellow delegates from the Nordic Network Schools. While also offering students the opportunity to explore Stockholm, as our school is situated near the city centre.


Key details of the conference:
Dates: January 31st to February 2nd, 2025
Location: Stockholm International School, Stockholm, Sweden

    Fee: Approximately 50 € 

We are excited to announce the topics for this year's committees (they are subject to change)

  • General Assembly (GA): Reformation of the UN Security Council

  • United Nations Historical Security Council (UNHSC); Nigeria civil war (Biafra War)

  • Human Rights Council (HRC): Migrant worker exploitation in the Middle East or Gulf states

Further details and registration forms will be sent out in September 2024.  

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