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Guidelines for Governance

Legal Status

  • The Nordic Network of International Schools is a non-profit organisation.


Financial Matters

  • Annual membership fees will be determined by The Board of Trustees.

  • Annual conferences will be financed by conference fees payable by individual conference participants and exhibitors

  • The Annual Conference theme and preliminary budget will be presented to The Board of Trustees for approval 12 months prior to the conference date.

  • Conference fees will be paid by all participants with the exception of:

    • The Board of Trustees  members if a board member´s school has more than 5 paying participants attending the conference

    • Presenters if a presenter´s school has more than 5 paying participants attending the conference (where there is more than 1 presenter for a presentation, only 1 of the presenters will be admitted to the conference free of charge.)


  • The Board of Trustees

  • The Board of Trustees  is composed of 4 permanent members, OIS, ISGR, SIS and CIS and two other members with a maximum of 6 member schools.

    • Schools may apply to be a member of  The Board of Trustees  for a period of four years, with an option for renewal  re-election at the end of this period. Applicants are voted on prior to the Annual General Meeting by all member schools in good standing, and appointed at the AGM.

  • Each school may nominate up to 2 representatives to serve on The Board of Trustees , of which one representative has voting rights at any given meeting.  Representatives must be currently employed at the school they are representing.

  • The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson role will rotate depending on which school is hosting the conference. The Chairperson will always be the Head of the School hosting the conference that year, or his/her official representative. The Vice Chairperson will be the Head of the School hosting the conference the following year, or his/her official representative.

  • If a permanent member school chooses to leave The Board of Trustees , the current permanent members of The Board of Trustees  may approach any other member school to become a permanent member.

  • The Board of Trustees  should also consist of a treasurer and secretary within its members. Currently an OIS representative must be the Treasurer, as a separate card and bank account has been created for the Nordic Network account which is still run through OIS and is audited in conjunction with OIS auditing procedures.

  • A Board of Trustees  member may be removed from The Board of Trustees  by not less than two-thirds vote of all other members at any meeting of the Steering Committee.

    • Possible reasons for removal could be, but not limited to:

      • Non payment of fees

      • Missing  Board of Trustees meetings

      • Disloyal behaviour

  • A  Board of Trustees  member shall have the right to resign at any time.

  • The Board of Trustees  shall ensure that the Nordic Network and The Board of Trustees  operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Fiscal responsibility is a core obligation of The Board of Trustees .

  • The Board of Trustees  members from permanent schools shall be appointed for an indefinite period.

  • The Board of Trustees  has the right to award funding for awards or grants to enhance student learning, for example the Derek Hall Founders Award


Responsibilities of schools on The Board of Trustees :

  • Promote the Nordic Network as per the Mission Statement

  • Commit to a minimum of 5 attendees at conference, in the event that the host schools has gone into deficit.

  • Host the Annual Conference and the Leaders’ Conference on a rotational basis

  • Participate in three meetings a year


Hosting the Annual Conference

  • The five year schedule is as follows:

    • ISGR April 2018

    • Copenhagen October 2019

    • Futuraskolan International Kottla October 2020

    • ISH 2021

    • Stockholm IS 2022

    • Oslo 2023


  • In the event of a school not being able to host a conference, they should approach The Board of Trustees  at least two years in advance in order to be rescheduled and for the next school in the schedule to be approached to hold the conference.

  • New members of The Board of Trustees  will be expected to be able host a conference in their second year of membership. The schedule will be adjusted accordingly if required.


Leaders Conference

  • This will be held each year.

  • The location of the Leaders Conference will be determined by the Board of Trustees in accordance with the Nordic Networks Vision and Mission.

  • The organising committee is approved by The Board of Trustees.

  • Agenda to be set in advance of the conference.

  • Leaders from all member schools may attend.

  • The cost of hosting the Leaders Conference is covered by the Nordic Network.

  • The Board of Trustees has the discretion to invite guests, free of charge, for the purpose of promoting the network.

  • An evaluation of the conference shall be undertaken on an annual basis.


 Board of Trustees Meetings

  • The Board of Trustees will meet at least three times per year: once at the Leaders conference, once at the Annual Conference and once in the early spring. In addition there will be at least one work day each year.

  • The venue for the early spring meeting and work day will be determined annually by The Board of Trustees.

  • The host school will provide a room for the meeting and provide suitable refreshments and lunch for the day.

  • In the event of a Board of Trustees meeting being held in a non-Steering Committee member school, the Nordic Network will cover the cost of the above.


Meetings and preparation of Board matters

  • The Chair in collaboration with the Administrator will send notice, including the proposed agenda for the meetings.  Relevant material shall be sent to The Board of Trustees not later than one week prior to each meeting. If the material is not fully prepared on this date, it is the duty of the Chair to ensure that the relevant material is prepared and sent to The Board of Trustees as soon as possible prior to The Board of Trustees meeting.

  • The Chair has the right to call an extraordinary meeting if the need should ever arise.

  • A quorum shall be declared if we have 4 out of 6 of the representative schools present at a meeting.


Conflicts of Interest

  • Board of Trustees members will then be asked to not take part in discussion or decision making of the said issue. This shall only “be disregarded where the question of impartiality is obviously of no importance.” (Swedish Administration Act 1986). All potential conflicts of interest shall be disclosed to The Board of Trustees. It should further be noted that it may neither be practical or possible to be completely free of all contact or knowledge of parties involved in any particular discussion or decision due to the size of our community. Openness and disclosure is therefore of the utmost importance.


Duty of loyalty and confidentiality

  • Each Board of Trustees member and the Nordic Network Administrator shall observe his or her duty of loyalty towards the Nordic Network which includes a duty of confidentiality regarding matters which may damage the Nordic Network or member schools if disclosed.


Participation at the Annual Conference

  • Any school may send representatives to the annual Nordic Network Conference provided the appropriate conference fees have been paid.


Review of Policies and Documentation

Policies and documentation should be reviewed every second year.  Points can regularly be reviewed and updated through Board of Trustees meetings, with a full review every two years.


Membership fees

Membership fees should be set by The Board of Trustees at the first meeting of each financial year and approved at the AGM.

Membership fees reflect the projected costs of operating according to meeting the mission of the Nordic Network.



The Administrator may make payments for up to 10 000 NOK without pre-approval.

For payments over  10 000 NOK there must be signed pre-approval by the Chair or Co-Chair.

The receipts shall be collated for review at the next  Board of Trustees meeting.



The Board of Trustees reserves the right to appoint a third party auditor.


Changing the Governance.

A change to the articles of the non profit organisation of the Nordic Network may be changed by a simple majority vote at an appropriately called Board of Trustees meeting when a quorum is met.


Last reviewed March 2019

Paul Mitchell, Copenhagen International School

Derek Hall, Nordic Network Administrator

Stephan Fleet, International School of Hellerup

David Osler, Stockholm International School

John Town, Oslo International School

Tom Callahan, Futuraskolan International Lidingö

Graham Miselbach, International School of the Gothenburg Region

Paul Boswell, Stockholm International School

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