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Nordic Network Emerging Leaders Conference

Course Outcomes

Each Participant will:


  • be able to differentiate between leadership and management and have developed their own sense of “why” when considering vision.

  • have explored their understanding of “self” through the personal qualities needed to be a middle leader.

  • deepen their understanding of the role as a middle leader and the shift in role and responsibilities.

  • know about Goleman’s Leadership Styles, what stayle to use when to be most effective and why it is important to develop a range of styles and how Goleman’s work interfaces with the Co-Active Leadership Model.   

  • know the importance of team and how to develop and build your team, exploring the dynamics of a team.

  • be able to hold “difficult” accountable conversations and develop their understanding of collective and responsible accountability.

  • know the importance of coaching when developing their team and how to best use the GROW coaching model.

  • reflect on how to use their time, energy and resource more effectively and efficiently through a leadership toolkit to plan strategically.

  • have the opportunity to share your own understandings and perspectives  within a safe environment with other middle level leaders across the Nordic Network.

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