Schedule 2021 leadership conference

Thursday 18th March

9:00-10:00    Welcome, introductions and catch up with where schools are in COVID times

10:30-12:30  Henrik Schmidt , "You as a Leader" ( Including 10 min break)

(How do you lead?, Are you aware of how others perceive you? etc.)

- “ Leading session 1”

Leading from different positions:

    ○ Functional
            ■ Group reflections: What have you learned about leading in a

            ■ Leadership in times of crisis

○ Personal
            ■ The latest news from brain research - and a few corrections from
                last time (I have become wiser ... I think!)

             ■ Leading on a distance - particular challenges

○ Relational
           ■ Human beings are social beings ... Zooming in on what happens in
              relationships when we can't meet physical
           ■ Building and maintaining relationships with staff when you can't meet


14:00-16:00 Henrik Schmidt - “ Leading session 2” (incl. 10 min break)


○ Introduction of the DISC Profile as a tool to personal insight
○ How are you leading?
          ■ When under pressure?
          ■ When things are great?
○ What are you motivated by?
○ How do you motivate others? (On a distance?)
○ The biggest challenges?


16:30-17:30 Networking small group discussion sessions
20:00-21:00 social event


Friday 19th March

9:00-9:45 - Networking - sharing “stories”
10:00-12:00 Henrik Schmidt (incl. 10 min break) - “ Leading session 3”


○ The culture of your school (from a DISC perspective as a tool for
understanding some of the hidden layers in the culture)
○ Your role as a leader and the challenges of the culture
○ Typically cultural reactions under pressure


12:00-12:30 Thanks and closing.